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Keeping Your Private Matters Out of Public View

While every legal matter is unique, Kipnis Law Offices specializes in handling cases where the level of assets in dispute or the public profile of the case requires strong and aggressive litigators. We have public relations experts handling and managing all media inquiries on these cases. 

The owner of Kipnis Law Offices, Daryl Kipnis, understands the needs of high profile celebrities, athletes, and entertainers, including their unique need for privacy and individualized attention tailored to their schedule and lifestyle. 

Depending on the circumstances and needs of the individual client, we work around the schedule of our clients. We are also particularly sensitive to our client’s needs to keep their family and criminal law matters out of the press and make every effort to preserve our client’s privacy.

Kipnis Law Offices is particularly well equipped to give VIP cases the individual attention needed to achieve superlative results.